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Testimonials - Boat Owner, Boat Repair, & Boat Dealer Restorations

Tuna Tower and Marlin Tower Refurbishment

"We've been coating our towers since opening our business in 2002. There are over 300 Vikings out there with coated towers, many of the owners have had two or three boats done over the years. This product works."

Drew McDowell, Palm Beach Towers

"Clearkote is a proven product over many years now. I have it on the "MIMI". I'd rather have my captain work on something rather than waxing my tower like finding me big fish!"

Trey Irvine, President - Pipe Welders Marine

Marlin and Tuna Tower Metal Protection

"I first got wind of Clearkote in 2002. We have coated many, many towers over the years. It works. I highly recommend it, and I don't get complaints."

Jeff Bothelo, President - J & J Marine Fabricating

"Over the past fifteen years I have had 3 Vikings and all of my Bahama boats Clearkoted. Needless to say, I believe in the product."

Fran Morrissey, Bahama Boats

Testimonials - Boat Owner, Boat Repair, & Boat Dealer Restorations

Clearkote can restore anodized aluminum to like new - permanently and will keep new anodized aluminum towers looking like new indefinitely. Maintenance of anodized aluminum coated with Clearkote is dramatically reduced!

Clearkote & Clear Glass Systems Installed by Our Professionals or Available in Kit Form