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Marine Aluminum & Glass Protection

Clearglass Marine Glass Restoration

Whether your vessel is a 30-foot cruiser or a 750-foot ship you know that if the windows shine, so does the whole vessel. Until now, no safe process was available, now we have the Clearglass System.

Marine Glass Water Spot Prevention

Spotting is the combination of hard water, salt water, acid rain, heat and direct sun magnification through the droplets. This spotting actually etches into the glass leaving what was an impossible-to-remove result. Our system now safely allows you to thoroughly clean your windows, remove stains, and then apply our protectorate to keep your windows in their tip-top condition for two years. Guaranteed!

Our kits come with the 3-step material plus scrubbers, applicators, and written instructions.

Easy Care - Our Three Steps Are:

  1. Light hand polishing to remove stains.
  2. Remove all silicone and moisture from window
  3. Apply Protectorate - Wash Residue and Go!

Once the process has been performed, glass is virtually maintenance-free. We recommend washing salt from windows as soon as returning to dock after a day on the ocean. Otherwise, a once a week wash-down with a mild boat soap is all that is needed. Windows will resist staining, in most case, for at least two years! An annual application will permanently keep away all water staining and will make over spray removal a safe and easy process.

Marine Glass Protection

Our products are unique and have been developed specifically for water stain removal and window protection. We have tested our products under the most extreme conditions of salt and acid rain. We also subjected some of our vessels to the extreme conditions of Alaska and Trans-Atlantic passages.

Unlike other products used on marine glass, our products are specially formulated for the marine industry ... and the results are guaranteed!

Clear Glass Marine Glass Restoration

Clear Glass Marine Glass Restoration

  • Safely Removes Water Spots and Runoff Etch
  • Makes All Glass Shine Better Than New For Up to Two Years
  • Repels Water, Salt and Dirt with a Super Slick Finish
  • Resists Future Staining
  • Reduces Day to Day Maintenance
  • Keeps Hard to Reach Windows Clean Longer
  • Available In A Convenient Do-It-Yourself Kit!

Clearkote can restore anodized aluminum to like new - permanently and will keep new anodized aluminum towers looking like new indefinitely. Maintenance of anodized aluminum coated with Clearkote is dramatically reduced!

Clearkote & Clear Glass Systems Installed by Our Professionals or Available in Kit Form